Welcome to Meta Defender.

At the core of Meta Defender is a commitment to revolutionizing option trading. Using the robust foundation of Acala, we've designed an intuitive platform centered on aSEED. Our distinct vault system allows traders, both newbies and OGs, to navigate various strategies, each presenting its unique strike price. This structure empowers every trader to make decisions based on their individual market predictions. Additionally, we offer mSEED Option Trading on the Mandala Testnet—a replica of aSEED Option Trading on Acala Mainnet that serves as an ideal playground for strategy development and practice in a risk-free environment.

Ready to maximize your aSEED potential? Dive into the world of options at Meta Defender aSEED Option Trading!

Beyond the realm of options, Meta Defender is also recognized as a decentralized derivative marketplace, emphasizing LST and a broader spectrum of tokenized yields. Through our platform, users can explore both perpetual and fixed yield products rooted in staked-Ethereum and staked-Polkadot. The integration of our perpetual contracts, offering up to 50x leverage trading for LST yields, and our fixed yield products stands testament to our innovation in the DeFi space.

Staying connected has never been easier. Updates, announcements, and discussions can be accessed via our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels, with additional information available on our Linktree.

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